FarmVille for iPhone

A few days ago, FarmVille was released for the iPhone, iPod Touch, as well as the iPad after being announced at Apple’s WWDC, earlier this month.

The FarmVille application allows you to view and manage your farm without having to be at a computer to so.

When you first launch the FarmVille application, you’ll first see a Zynga logo and then you’ll see a screen where there is a “Let’s Farm!” button. When you tap on that button, a dialogue box will appear, asking you to enter your e-mail address in order to create a Zynga mobile account.

After entering your e-mail address, another box should appear, asking you to connect your FarmVille account to FaceBook.

Once you’ve provided FaceBook with your account credentials, the game should begin loading, which can take a little while if it’s your first time loading your farm on the application.

After your farm is done loading, you should be able to see your farm, just like you would on a computer. From there, you can plant crops, tend to your animals, as well as many other functions, such as visiting your friends’ farms and fertilizing their crops, as well as adding new neighbors and sending gifts to your friends, right form the application.

If you click on the button that has a picture of strawberries, coins, fuel, and a cog wheel on it, you should be able to perform actions, such as visit the marketplace, dig a new plot of land, delete plots of land, as well as other things.

Also from this menu is an “Options” button, which takes you to a menu where you can do things such as enable or disable harvest and neighbor push notifications, as well as sound

The FarmVille application also enables you to have push notifications sent to your phone when it’s time to harvest your crops, as well as neighbor push notifications. Also, you can turn sound effects, as well as music on and off.

If you would like to try using the FarmVille application, you can download it for free from the iTunes App Store.


1 thought on “FarmVille for iPhone

  1. Christian

    Hi, i can conect my ipod touch faemville with my facebook account, had inserted my mail and password , no notification of wrong password or mail, just the password field become blank and no movement after that, can anyone help me please


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