Monthly Archives: September 2013

Five Year Giveaway Winner!

About a month ago, it was the fifth year anniversary of the day that I registered the TechnicalCafe domain name at

In celebration of TechnicalCafe’s fifth birthday, I decided to do a giveaway to someone who comments on either the TechnicalCafe blog or YouTube channel, with the winner being chosen randomly.

As for the prizes, the winner would get to choose from either a $25 gift card and a $25 iTunes gift card, depending on what they wanted. Additionally, the winner will receive a choice of either a TechnicalCafe t-shirt, hat, or other item from the VistaPrint store.

Well, about a week ago, the winner was chosen randomly in a YouTube video, and is Epic, a user who commented on the TechnicalCafe blog post announcing the giveaway.

Congratulations to Epic on being chosen as the winner and thank you to everyone who entered and participated in the giveaway!

Also, thank you to everyone who watches, subscribes to, and takes the time to comment on the TechnicalCafe YouTube channel and videos, as well as to those who read the TechnicalCafe blog. I appreciate it!

– Jamie