Digg v4 Review

As you may have heard, Digg.com, which is a social news and networking website, will soon be launching version 4 of it’s website. However, Digg is giving out invites to try the new version of the website before it’s launched.

When you first go to Digg’s alpha website, new.digg.com, you should be asked if you would like to follow any of Digg’s recommended users.

Once you’ve selected which accounts you would like to follow, any news stories, photos, or videos that they Digg should appear in a news feed called “My News”.

The “My News” section is different than Digg’s traditional news feed, which has the top stories, which were dug by all users of the website. With the new “My News” section, you will only see stories that were dug by people that you’re following, which should give you some ability to choose which genre of stories appear.

However, if you prefer the traditional news feed, you can click on the “Top News” tab, next the the “My News” tab, near the top of the page, which will show you the top stories that were dug by everyone on Digg and not just the people who you are following.

Another different feature in Digg v4 is that story categories are displayed to the left of the “Top News” feed. However, in the current version of Digg, the story categories appear above the news feed.

The newest version of Digg has also made digging a story a lot easier. Rather than having to click on the “Submit New” button, paste a link to your story, choose which type of media it is, and then click on the “Submit” button, the new version of Digg allows you to submit your story in only a few clicks.

If you would like to submit a new story in Digg v4, all you need to do is paste a link into the “Submit a link” box, located above both the “My News” and “Top News” feeds.

Once you type or paste a link into the text box, Digg automatically presents you with the option to submit the story, only requiring that you enter in a title, description, and choose a picture and category. However, some of the fields may already be filled out once you submit your story. Once you’ve entered in the required details, you can click on the “Digg it” button, which will submit your story.

If the story you wanted to submit was already submitted, once you type or paste a link into the “Submit a link” box, you should be presented with the option to digg the story.

In addition to the features listed above, Digg v4 has other new features that you may be interested in trying out.

If you would like to try out Digg v4, you can log in or request an invitation by going to new.digg.com.


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