iPhone 4 Launch Day

The well anticipated launch of Apple’s iPhone 4 has arrived today, with many people around the world lining up in order to get their new phone.

Many networks have been covering this event, including TWiT, which I have been watching throughout the day. Also covering the launch of the iPhone 4 are TechCrunch, CNET, Engadget, as well as other networks.

However, even though the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 4 has many people excited, there are a few reported issues regarding the iPhone 4, such as the fact that when dropped, the phone has the potential to get scratched and break, even though it’s made out of strengthened Gorilla Glass.

Some users are also reporting that there are yellow marks visible on the screen of their new phone, as well as the fact that people are losing reception if they cover the bottom left side of the iPhone 4, as that’s where the antenna is located.

Even though there are a few problems, the iPhone 4 includes some exciting new features, including the ability to video chat with your contacts using FaceChat, provided that you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

For more information regarding the iPhone 4 and it’s launch, please visit one of the websites listed above or you can visit Apple’s official website.


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