Monthly Archives: April 2017

Google Announces Google Gnome

If you’ve been to today, you may have noticed that there’s a blurb accompanied by a link toward the bottom of the homepage for a Google’s newest “product” – Google Gnome!

The blurb, which says “The smart yard you never knew you always wanted is here. Introducing Google Gnome“, takes users to a product detail page on the Google Store, which has a video (below) and some additional information about the product.

Toward the bottom of the page, users will also see that there are various accessories – many of which paying homage to actual products or pop-culture references, that can be had for one’s Google Gnome, including “Raign Gear”, “The Abominable Gnomeman”, “H2GnOme”, “My Lil’ Gnomey”, “Gnest”, and “Happy Camper”.

Following that, however, there is an advertisement for Google Home, which will take users to the product detail page for an actual Google product, which can be purchased for $129.

And, if you look closely, the very last line of text before the Google Store footer says: “Google Gnomes are real, but only in our hearts — for now. Happy April Fools’!”

Another well-done April Fools’ Day prank by Google.

It’ll be interesting to see what sorts of April Fools Day pranks other tech companies will be doing today, as well, so remember to keep an eye out when visiting your favorite websites! Happy April Fools’ Day, all!