If you’re someone who likes to chat using Instant Messenger applications, such as AIM, Windows Live Messenger, FaceBook chat, as well as other services, perhaps you should try using allows you to chat with people using a variety of different Instant Messenger services, including AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MySpace, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, and MyYearBook.

If you have an account on more than one of these services and would like to chat with people who don’t use the same service, you can do so, as Meebo allows you to sign into more than once service at the same time. Meebo also allows you to video chat, as well as play games with your friends. also allows you to create an account and save your log in information so that you only need to type in one username and password to have access to multiple Instant Messenger services.

When you log into Meebo, you can change a variety of settings, such as the appearance of Meebo, your IM settings, your account settings, as well as your Meebo Me Widget settings.

Meebo also has an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch if you would like to access Meebo on the go, as well as the ability to access Meebo from a mobile browser.

If you would like to try using Meebo, you can do so by going to

Meebo also allows you to video chat, as well as play games with your friends.

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