Japan Earthquake and Tsunami–How to Help

As you probably already know, yesterday, off the coast of Japan, there was a large, 8.9-9.1 Mw earthquake, which then triggered tsunami warnings for many different areas, including Japan, Hawaii, and the whole West Coast of the United States.

However, due to the earthquake and following tsunami waves, which slammed into the east coast of the country, Japan suffered some major damage, killing hundreds of people, causing many others to go missing, as well as damaging many buildings and other areas.

When other countries have been struck with natural disasters or other devastating events, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Japan often helps them out, so we should do our part to help the people of Japan during this time.

Yahoo! News has put together an article that includes links to donate to various services that are assisting and proving disaster relief services to the people of Japan, including The American Red Cross, GlobalGiving, Save The Children, The Salvation Army, Americares, Convoy of Hope, The International Medical Corps, as well as Shelter Box.

If you would like to donate to any of these organizations, you can either click on the link to the organization within this post or you can go to the Yahoo! News article, where you can find links to donate, as well as some information about each of the above organizations.

Another way that you can donate to the American Red Cross would be through the official Red Cross website, where you can choose from a variety of different causes to donate to, including the recent earthquake and the resulting tsunami off the coast of Japan.

Also, you can donate to the Red Cross by texting “REDCROSS” to the number 90999, which will donate $10 and will be added to your cell phone bill.

If you would like more up-to-date information about the recent earthquake off the coast of Japan, as well as the tsunami that was caused by this earthquake, you should visit a major news website, such as Yahoo! News or CNN.


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