Apple iPad 2

As you probably already know, on March 2, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is still on medical leave from the company, took to the stage at Apple’s Special Event to announce Apple’s newest version of the iPad, the iPad 2.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated features of the iPad 2 would be its two cameras – one on the front of the iPad and one on the back.

These two cameras can both be used for FaceTime, with the front camera letting users send live video of themselves to other FaceTime users and the back camera allowing users to show their contacts what’s going on around them. The back facing camera can record video in 720p HD and the front-facing camera can record video in VGA quality, at 30 frames per second. Both of these cameras are capable of being used to take snapshots using the PhotoBooth application.

The iPad 2 is also 33 percent thinner than the pervious model and is also lighter. The Wi-Fi version of the device has a height of 9.50 inches, a width of 7.31 inches, a depth of 0.34 inches, and a weight of 1.33 pounds. The version with combined Wi-Fi and 3G is a bit heavier, weighing 1.35 pounds and 1.34 pounds for the Verizon model.

The new version of the iPad also features a 1 GHz Apple A5 duel-core processor chip, which improves speed, but doesn’t use any additional power than Apple’s previous A4 chip.

Like the previous model of the iPad, the iPad 2 features an accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, as well as a compass. However, now, all three of these features are capable of working together, which can be used to sense which direction the iPad is moving in, as well as how it’s moving. Due to this, gaming and using other applications, such as maps, will be easier, as well as more fun to use.

Another neat feature including with the iPad 2 is AirPlay, which allows users to wirelessly stream music, photos, and video to a HDTV, as well as speakers, which can be done using AirPlay enabled speakers or by using an Apple TV on a Wi-Fi network.

Similar to AirPlay is another neat feature called AirPrint, which, like you can probably guess, allows users to print webpages, e-mails, photos, and documents right from their iPad 2, provided they’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Also, users can now connect their iPad 2’s to a television or projector with a new feature called Video Mirroring. In order to share what’s happening on their iPad, users can simply plug a new 30-pin to HDMI adapter into their iPad and then they can plug an HDMI cable into the other end, which can then be connected to an HDMI capable device, such as a television. There is also a USB port on the 30-pin to HDMI connector so that users can charge their iPad at the same time.

Video Mirroring will also display exactly what’s on your iPad’s screen, even if you were to rotate the device from portrait mode to landscape mode or zoom in and out of pictures. This new feature is actually built into the iOS, which allows for slick, smooth, transitions.

With the new iPad 2 also comes a new cover for the device, called the iPad Smart Cover. However, unlike previous iPad covers, the Smart Cover actually secures to your iPad using two magnets, which also align the cover so that you don’t have to worry about how it looks.

The Smart Cover can also wake your iPad 2 up when you open it, and put it to sleep when you close it. In addition, the iPad Smart Cover can also be folded into a typing or movie stand. The Smart Cover comes in both polyurethane and leather, and each version comes in ten different colors.

As for the colors of the device itself, the iPad 2 will come in both black and white and both colors will be available when the device launches on March 11, 2011.

Also, the iPad 2 will be running iOS 4, which allows users to multitask, as well as other features.

The iPad 2 can be ordered from the online Apple Store, starting on March 11, 2011 or purchased from a brick-and-mortar Apple Store starting at 5:00 PM, starting on March 11, 2011. (Users who purchase the iPad 2 in-store will also receive free Personal Setup.)

For more information about the iPad 2, you should check out the iPad section of Apple’s website.


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