Digg Updates

Yesterday, social news and bookmarking website, Digg.com, announced on their blog that they would be rolling out three new features.

These new features include a new redesign of the website, which incorporates frequent suggestions that were made by the Digg community.

The two other new features are everyone’s historical number and percentage of stories that were promoted to the “Top News” section of the website, as well as the option to receive on-site notifications and e-mails when stories that you have submitted or dug that were promoted to the “Top News” section.

According to Digg’s blog, the new design includes a new way to browse through the different sections of the website, as well as an easier way to filter content. In addition, the design was simplified so that stories are more prominent and easier to read.

In addition, the reorganized profile pages makes it easier for users to view their statistics. Another new feature included in the redesign, is a “new submission flow”, which makes submitting stories easier than before.

For more information on these updates to Digg.com, you should check out Digg’s Official Blog.


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