Plants vs. Zombies

When you think of zombies, you may think of flesh eating creatures who are looking to eat people’s brains. However, have you ever thought that zombies would be interested in consuming plants, as well? Well, this is exactly what they are trying to do in the Plants vs. Zombies, by PopCap Games, Inc., which is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense style game, where you are the owner of a house, who is trying to protect it from a variety of different types of zombies, who are trying to get to it. In order to do so, you have to place various different types of plants, each with different capabilities, in your back yard, to stop the zombies.

There are a number of different plants that you can place in your backyard, in order to defeat the zombies, including plants which shoot peas at the zombies, walnuts, which serve as a kind of wall, plants which help to slow down the zombies, as well as plants, such as the chili pepper, which cause an explosion that can take down multiple zombies at once.

In order to place plants, however, users have to collect a certain number of “suns”, which are produced by plants, such as the sunflower and sun-shroom. The sunflower produces a “sun” at a “normal” rate and each sun it produces is worth 25 points. Sun-shrooms cost half as much as a sunflower and each sun they produce is worth 15 points.

However, after a while, the sun-shroom grows and is able to produce a “sun” that is worth 25 points. There isa lso a twin-sunflower available, which costs more than both the sunflower and sun-shroom, but each “sun” it produces is worth 50 points. For a full list of plants that you can use to defend your house, you should check out the plants list on the Plants vs. Zombies Wikia website.

Also in Plants vs. Zombies are two different kinds of levels, day and night. During the day, “sun” is produced without having a sunflower or other sun-producing plant. However, you can still plant sunflowers, sun-shrooms, and twin-sunflowers, in order to get extra sun so that you can build up your defenses.

As for zombies, there are a variety of different zombies that you will encounter throughout the course of the game, some of which possess special traits. Some of the zombies that you will encounter include the regular zombie, the flag zombie, which signifies the start of a huge wave of zombies, the cone-head zombie, which has added defense, as well as the pole vaulting zombie, which jumps over the first plant that it it reaches, including walnuts, which act as a sort of wall to other zombies. For a full list of zombies that you will encounter, you should check out the list of zombies on the Plants vs. Zombies Wikia website.

Also, in some levels, there will be a pool in your backyard, which makes it harder to defend your house, as some zombies will swim through it to try and get to your house. In order to place plants in the pool, you need to first place a lilly pad for them to be placed on top of. However, there are aquatic plants, such as the tangle kelp,which drags the first zombie that comes in contact with it down into the pool, defeating it.

As a fan of tower defense styles games, I have enjoyed playing Plants vs. Zombies. At the time of this writing, I have yet to beat the game, but have enjoyed playing around with all of the different plants and such that the game has to offer. I also think the games graphics and sounds are quite good. However, I do wish there was a way that users could speed up the gameplay, which some other tower defense games offer.

Overall, I think Plants vs. Zombies is a great game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and I would recommend it to people who are looking for a great game!

If you’d like to try playing Plants vs. Zombies, you can download it from the iTunes App Store for $2.99.


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