The Creeps

If you’re looking for a new game to try playing on your iPhone or iPod Touch, perhaps you should try playing a game called “The Creeps!”, which is a fun tower defense game by Super Squawk Software.

When you first launch The Creeps!, you will see a loading screen, featuring the company’s name and logo. After the game loads, you will be taken to the game’s main menu, where you can view news, switch players, view the high scores, credits, get help with the game, as well as start the game.

When you tap on the “Start” button, you will be presented with the maps that you have unlocked and are able to play on, as well as some information about the level, such as the game type, how many waves of “creeps” you’ll have to defeat, as well as what defenses are available in a particular. There are also two arrows that enable you to switch between the three different game modes, which are “Survival”, “Endurance”, as well as “Door Buster”.

When you are ready to begin the game, you can do so by simply tapping on the map you’d like to play yon.

Once the game begins, you will have a few seconds in which you are able to place your towers, in order to defend against the various “creeps” or monsters that are trying to attack a character who is hiding in his bed. However, each tower costs money and you only start off with a certain amount, earning more when you defeat monsters. Towers can also be upgraded to increase range and firepower, but the upgrades also cost money. Also, you can still place towers once the monsters have started coming.

If some monsters happen to get through your defenses, getting to the hiding character, you will lose a hit point. Be careful, however, as your character only has 10 hit points and some monsters, such as a “boss”, cause you to lose two hit points if they get through your defenses. Once you run out of hit points, the game is over and you’ll have to try again, in order to get to the next level.

If you would like to try playing “The Creeps!”, you can download it from the iTunes App Store for free.


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