Google Instant Search

As you may have already heard, Google recently unveiled a new version of their search, called Google Instant. Google Instant enables users to essentially search as they type, with new search results being displayed as if a user has entered a search query and pressed the “Search” button.

Google has tested their new Instant Search feature before and states that while it was “thought-provoking—fun, fast and interactive”, it was also “fundamentally flawed.” The reason Google’s Instant Search was “fundamentally” flawed was because nobody wants search results for something that doesn’t really make sense, such as half of a word or a few letters. Google states that users want “search-before you type”, which means that users want search results for the most likely thing that they were searching for.

Some new features that are included in Google’s Instant Search are dynamic results, which means that search results are displayed as a user is typing, which can speed up searches, predictions, which means that the rest of your search query will be predicted and shown in light gray text as you’re typing it, which can help you get the results you were looking for more quickly. Another feature is the ability for users to scroll through the predictions that Google Instant Search has made.

Google also states that their new Instant Search saves the average user about two to five seconds per search, which will end up saving users 11 hours with each passing second. Also, Google will become the “core search experience” on for Google’s Chrome browser, Mozilla FireFox, Safari, as well as Internet Explorer 8.

Google Instant will also be offered to Google users in a variety of different countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom when they are logged in and who’s browsers support Google’s new Instant Search feature. In the next few weeks and months, Google is hoping to expand their Instant Search feature to more locations and platforms.

If you would like to try using Google’s Instant Search, you can do so by going to

If you would like to learn more about Google’s new Instant Search feature, you can do so by reading this post from the Official Google Blog.


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