iPod Updates

As you may already know, Apple held a special event yesterday, where Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, announced a variety of different things, including updates to the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle.

Also announced was iTunes 10, as well as the new Ping service, which is a new social network, enabling users to follow their favorite artists, as well as their friends, in order to find out what music they’re talking about, listening to or downloading.

iPod Touch

The newest version of Apple’s iPod Touch features a variety of upgrades, including adding two cameras to the device, similar to the iPhone 4, with one camera on the back and one camera on the front, which can be used for Apple’s FaceTime service. The iPod Touch’s rear camera can also record HD video in 720p, but can take photos with a lesser resolution of 920 x 76o. The front facing camera is VGA quality, similar to what is found on the iPhone 4.

Also, users can edit the videos that they take using the iMovie application, which enables users to combine, as well as edit videos on the go. In addition, the iMovie application enables users to add themes, transitions, as well as music to their videos. If you would like to try using the iMovie application, you can purchase it from the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

The new iPod Touch also features a Retina Display, like the iPhone 4, which is made up of pixels that are 78 micrometers wide and has a resolution of 920 x 760. According to Apple, the Retina Display packs four times more pixels into a screen that is the same size as the previous versions of the iPod Touch.

Another new feature is Apple’s new Game Center, which enables users to play games with their friends or soon-to-be friends, as well people they haven’t met before.

The new iPod Touch runs Apple’s iOS 4, and also features Apple’s A4 processor, which can also be found in both the iPhone 4, as well as the iPad.

As for aesthetics, the new version of the iPod Touch is thinner by about a tenth of an inch, with a chrome backing, similar to the older versions of the device.

The iPod Touch is available in an 8 GB model, which sells for $229, a 16 GB model, which sells for $299, as well as a 32 GB model, which sells for $399.

If you would like to learn more about the new version of Apple’s iPod Touch, you can do so from this page of Apple’s website.

iPod Nano

Apple also announced an update to it’s iPod Nano, which has a new look and features a touch screen that supports multi-touch.

The new version of the iPod Nano is 46 percent smaller, 42 percent lighter, with a height of just 1.48 inches and a width of 1.61 inches. Including the clip, the depth of the iPod Nano is now only 0.35 inches. Also, the new iPod Nano weighs just 0.74 ounces.

The new iPod Nano also features a 1.54 inch display, with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.

Also, the iPod Nano now features a built in FM radio, with a tuner that shows the user the name of the artist, song, or program that is being listened to. The FM radio also enables users to pause live radio, and rewind up to 15 minutes, as well as fast forward in order to catch up with the broadcast.

Another feature is the ability for the iPod Nano to record your fitness results, as it also features a pedometer so that you can see how many steps you’ve taken, as well as other information. You can also sync your iPod Nano with Nike+ website so that you can keep track of your fitness progress.

The iPod Nano also features Apple’s Genius, which allows users to find music similar to what they’re listening to. You can also create Genius lists using Apple’s iTunes software and then sync the lists to your iPod Nano.

Apple’s iPod Nano is available in two models, an 8 GB model, which sells for $149, as well as a 16 GB model, which sells for $179.

For more information about the new version of Apple’s iPod Nano, you can visit this page of Apple’s website.

iPod Shuffle

Apple’s iPod Shuffle also received an update, which features a clickable control pad that is 18 percent larger than on the previous version of the iPod Shuffle.

The new iPod Shuffle also has a “Shuffle” switch, which allows users to have songs played randomly when moved to the left, played in order when moved to the center, and disabled when moved to the right.

Another new feature on the iPod Shuffle is the new “Voice Over” feature, which enables users to find out the name of a song or artist. In order to use this feature, a user can do so by simply pressing the “Voice Over” button, which is located next to the “Shuffle” switch on the top of the iPod.

Also, the new iPod Shuffle supports multiple playlists, which users can set up using iTunes and then sync the playlists to their iPod Shuffle. The “Voice Over” feature can be used in order to let the user know which playlist they are listening to.

The iPod Shuffle also supports Apple’s Genius, which can be used by enabling the Genius feature in iTunes and then syncing the Genius lists to your iPod Shuffle.

The new iPod Shuffle is only available in a 2 GB model, which sells for $49. Also, users can choose between five different colors, including gray, blue, green, orange, and pink.

If you’d like more information about the new version of the iPod Shuffle, you should visit this page of the Apple website.


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