GMail Priority Inbox

If you’re a GMail user who receives many e-mails a day and would like a way to separate the important e-mails from the not so important ones, such as automated e-mail from lists and such, perhaps you should try using a new beta feature in GMail, called Priority Inbox.

Priority Inbox works by separating the messages in your inbox into three sections, which include “Important and unread”, “Starred”, and “Everything”.

When you receive new e-mails, GMail’s Priority Inbox will automatically scan them and if they’re important, GMail will flag it as such, eliminating the need to search through all of the messages in your inbox to look for an important e-mail.

Priority Inbox works by using a variety of different signals in order to determine which e-mails are considered important, including the people that you e-mail the most, as well as whether or not you open and reply to a message, rather than just skimming through it or skipping over it.

Also, the more you use GMail, the better the Priority Inbox feature will get at categorizing your e-mails.

Gmail’s new Priority Inbox feature will be rolling out to users over the next week or so, so when you notice the “New! Priority Inbox” link near the top right corner of the GMail interface or the Priority Inbox tab in GMail’s settings, perhaps you should consider trying it out if you receive a lot of e-mail.

If you’d like to learn more about GMail’s new Priority Inbox feature, you can do so by reading this post from the Official GMail Blog.


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