Apple Magic Trackpad

As you may already know, Apple has recently released a new product, which is the Apple Magic Trackpad. You probably know that most laptop computers feature built in trackpads, which allow you to control the cursor on your screen. However, the Magic Trackpad is an external trackpad that you can use with both laptops and desktops alike!

If you enjoy using the built in trackpad on a laptop and wished that your desktop computer’s keyboard included one or were getting tired of using a mouse, the Magic Trackpad may be a device that you want to check out.

According to Apple’s website, the Magic Trackpad is the first multi-touch trackpad that is designed to work with a Mac desktop computer and uses the same multi-touch technology that is included in the MacBook Pro. The Magic Trackpad also supports a variety of different gestures, allowing you to change the way you use your desktop computer.

Apple’s Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac desktop computer using Bluetooth, allowing you to connect it to your computer from up to 33 feet away, and you can even use it with your Mac laptop, as well. The Magic Trackpad also shuts off if it’s not being used and also has an on and off switch, which enables you to conserve battery life. Both of these features allow you to use your Magic Trackpad for months without having to change or recharge the batteries.

The Magic Trackpad features a wear-resistant glass surface, where you can perform a variety of different multi-touch gestures, such as pinching to zoom in and out, as well as using your fingers to rotate things, such as pictures. Also, the entire surface of the Magic Trackpad is a button, which enables you to use the Magic Trackpad in the place of a standard mouse.

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is available for purchase for $69.

If you would like to find out more about Apple’s Magic Trackpad or if you would like to purchase one for $69, you can do so from the Apple website.


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