Google Images Redesign

If you’d made a search using Google Images recently, you have probably noticed that the image results pages look a little different than they used to. This is because Google has recently redesigned Google Images.

The new, redesigned version of Google Images includes new features, such as a new tiled design, which is designed to make it easier to look at a variety of different images at the same time.

Another new feature included in the redesign of Google Images is “Instant Scrolling” between pages of images, which allows you to view up to 1,000 images at once, rather than having to click on the “Next” button in order to view more images. Also, Google Images also features larger thumbnail previews on their results page.

When you hover over an image, a hover pane will now appear, allowing you to view a larger version of the image, as well as provide you with more information about it, as well as other features, including a “Similar Images” button.

Also, if you click on an image, you will be taken to a new landing page, which displays a large version of the image in context. The website that the image is hosted on will also appear behind the landing page. If you click outside of the landing page, you will be taken to the original page that the image was on.

Google Images now enables you to use your keyboard to scroll through the pages of images faster, using keyboard buttons, such as the “Page Up” and “Page Down” buttons.

For more information about the new, redesigned version of Google Images, you should read this post, on the Official Google Blog.


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