Google Chrome

If you’re a computer user, you’ve probably heard of Google Chrome, which is a free web browser that was created by Google.

Google Chrome is a free, open source, web browser that was released as a beta version on September 2, 2008.

Google Chrome includes features, such as sandboxed tabbed browsing, which means that if one tab crashes, you can still browse the Internet using other tabs. The tabs in Chrome are also above the address browser, unlike in other browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox, which all have tabs under the address bar.

When you launch Google Chrome, rather than seeing a homepage, you should see a window that has screen shots of the websites that you have recently visited. If you click on one of the websites, you will be taken to it. You should also see a list of websites that you recently bookmarked, as well as a list of recently closed tabs. Also, you should be see a search box, which enables you to search your history.

Another feature of Google Chrome is the ability to use a private browsing mode, called Incognito Mode. If you use Incognito Mode, Chrome will not save the history of the websites you visited, as well as cookies from those websites.

Google Chrome also allows you to add extensions to the browser, which you can choose from an extensions library. Chrome also has the ability to change the browser’s theme.

If you would like to try using Google Chrome, you can download it from the Google Chrome website.


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