If you’re a Mozilla FireFox user and would like to give your browser a new look, perhaps you should try using Personas.

Personas enables you to change FireFox’s theme from the default theme to a variety of different themes, which you can find on the Personas website.

If you have the latest version of Mozilla FireFox, all you need to do to preview a Persona, is hover over it and you will be able to see what it would look like in FireFox. Once you have found a Persona that you like, all you need to do to set it as your Persona is click on it.

On the Personas website, you can see which Personas are the most popular, as well as other things, such as Personas that were recently added, and more.

You can also create your own Persona from the instructions available on the Personas website.

If you would like to try changing your Persona in Mozilla FireFox, you can do so by going to the Personas website.


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