DataMan App Review

Many iPhone users probably know the problem of worrying about how much cellular data they may have used during their billing period, especially if they do not have an unlimited data plan. Even then, some users may simply be curious as to how much data they use over time.

DataMan, by XVision, is an iPhone application that enables users to keep track of their data usage, both over a cellular connection, such as 3G, 4G, and LTE, as well as over WiFi. Perhaps one of the better features of the DataMan app is that is tracks users’ data usage in real-time and displays it in a simple, easy-to-read manner, which is nice, as sometimes cell phone carriers can take a while to update customers’ data usage and show it on their accounts.

Additionally, DataMan provides users with a reading of how much, as well as what percentage of their data cap they have already used, with the level of detail (Minimal, Standard, or Complete) configurable by the user.

For example, the “Complete” complexity setting shows users how much data they have used over both their cellular network and WiFi, providing details regarding how much data was uploaded and downloaded on both. Users will also see their “forecast” and the percentage of their data cap that they have already used during their current billing period, as well as how much time is left until the next billing period begins.

DataMan Main Screen with complexity level set to "Complete"

DataMan Main Screen with complexity level set to “Complete”

Also, the app can alert users when they have reached certain percentages of their data allowance. These alerts can be configured by the user to remind them at various percentage points of their data allowance.

When configuring DataMan, users can enter in the date that their cell phone plan resets, the length of their billing period, what their data cap is, as well as how much data they may have already used (which you may need to get from your carrier if you are unsure), and DataMan will do the rest, even resetting itself once the billing period is up.

DataMan Plan Settings

DataMan Cell Phone Plan Settings Menu

The app also provides a variety of color and theme options, allowing the user to set their desired font, as well as what colors the app’s theme will use.

DataMan's Color Settings

DataMan’s Color Settings

DataMan is available in two versions – DataMan Next (which is the app that is shown in this review) and DataMan Pro, with there being some minor differences between the two different versions. (The Pro version supports mapping where data was used, push notifications, better data usage forecasts, which apps use the most data, etc.) However, the DataMan Next version of the app should be enough to get the average user through their billing cycles without having any overages.

DataMan Next can be purchased from the App Store for $1.99 and DataMan Pro can be purchased from the App Store for $4.99.

If you have tried using DataMan Next or DataMan Pro to help keep track of your cell phone’s data usage, please feel free to post your experiences in the comments section of this post! Also, any questions about the apps are welcome, and I’ll try to answer whatever I can!

Please feel free to use the Contact page of the TechnicalCafe website to send any suggestions on which apps, etc. that you would like to see reviewed or explained in a future blog post!


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