T-Mobile’s Bobsled

Recently, T-Mobile has released a new FaceBook application, called Bobsled, powered by Vivox, which enables users to have a one-on-one voice chat with any of their FaceBook friends, right within FaceBook, provided both users have downloaded and installed the browser plug-in.

Once you download and install the Bobsled plug-in, you should be able to see a little green phone icon, located next to the names of your contacts in the FaceBook chat window. When you want to initiate a Bobsled call to one of your FaceBook friends, all you need to do is click on their name, which should bring up a chat window.

Within that chat window, there should be an area at the top of the window, where you can see small profile pictures of both the person you would like to chat with, as well as yourself. Between the two profile pictures, is a “Call” button, which, when clicked, initiates a Bobsled call to the other user, who will be prompted to answer or reject the call.

When a user answers, you can chat with them, right from within FaceBook, and can even navigate to other pages within FaceBook without causing the call the “drop” or end. However, if you do navigate to a website other than FaceBook, the call will be ended, similar to how you would be signed out of a regular chat.

However, if a user rejects your call or if you call and then click on the “Cancel” button, you will be given the option to leave the person you are trying to call a voicemail, as well as the option to write a message. Alternatively, the voicemail  prompt window allows you record a voicemail and then send it, as well as any text that you wrote, as a private message.

Also within the Bobsled chat window interface, there are four links, which are “Share”, “Audio Setup”, “Feedback”, and “Help”. The “Share” link allows you to let another FaceBook user know about Bobsled, as well as allows you to include your own, personal message.

The “Audio Settings” link enables users to configure and test their microphone and speaker settings, while the “Feedback” link brings up a window that enables users to provide feedback about Bobsled, as well as provides access to some helpdesk and feedback questions.

The “Help” link will bring up a new window, with a variety of frequently asked questions and help topics regarding T-Mobile’s Bobsled service.

I actually tried using T-Mobile’s Bobsled service a few days ago and think it is a neat service. I thought the call quality was pretty good and was able to hear the person I was chatting with pretty well.

However, it appeared as though our call dropped a few times, but with every VoIP service, it happens from time to time. Overall, though, I enjoyed using T-Mobile’s Bobsled service and would recommend it to anyone who would like to be able to chat with their FaceBook friends, right from within the FaceBook chat interface.

If you would like to learn more about T-Mobile’s Bobsled service, powered by Vivox, you can do so by going to the official Bobsled website, as well as by checking out this article from MobileCrunch and this article from Engadget.

Have you tried using T-Mobile’s Bobsled service? If so, please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts or opinions!


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