Mozilla FireFox 4

Earlier today, Mozilla FireFox 4, the latest version of the popular web browser, which has been in beta since July 6, 2010, was released as the latest stable update to the FireFox browser.

Mozilla’s FireFox 4 browser launched with some new features, as well as some updates, as well. One of the most noticeable features of FireFox 4 is its new interface, which has moved its tabs above the address bar, similar to how tabs are organized in Google’s Chrome browser.

The new interface also includes new features, such as the ability to pin “application tabs”, another feature which is available in Google Chrome. An application, or “app”, tab allows users to essentially “pin” the tabs of websites that they frequently use, to the front of any other tabs which may be open, making it so users are able to quickly find their tabs, as they’ll always be on the left of any others.The “app” tabs also enable users to close FireFox 4 and open it again, without having to reload any pinned tabs, as they will be “pinned” open.

Also, the updated interface in FireFox 4 features the ability to find and open any tab that’s in the “Awesome Bar”, FireFox’s name for the Smart Location Bar or address bar, without having to open duplicate tabs.

Another new feature is that users can now create “Panoramas”, which are separate groupings of tabs, enabling users to better organize their tabs, especially when they have many open tabs. Users can create new “Panoramas” by clicking on the arrow, located above the “Home” button, in the top right of the browser, and then clicking on “Tab Groups”.

Mozilla FireFox 4 also allows users to use a feature called FireFox Sync, which has been around for a while now and could be used with the previous versions of FireFox. FireFox Sync allows users to access a variety of different things, such as their Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs, and even password and form data from multiple computers, as well as mobile devices.

In addition, there is a new version of the Add-on Manager, which enables users to view and configure any add-ons that they may have installed within FireFox. The new add-on manager, however, allows users to easily discover different add-ons, with over 200,000 to choose from, which they can then install within their browser.

The newest version of Mozilla FireFox is also more secure and private than previous versions of the browser. FireFox 4 includes some features, such as “Do Not Track”, which allows users to opt out of any tracking that may be used for “behavioral advertising”.

Another safety feature is HTTP Secure Transfer Security, which tries to establish secure connections between web servers and a computer, in order to prevent “man in the middle” attacks. Mozilla FireFox 4 also supports Content Security Policy, or CSP, which allows websites to tell a browser which content is legitimate. There are also some other security updates in FireFox 4, including bug fixes and such.

FireFox 4 also features support for HTML 5, an addition to their JavaScript engine, as well as support for other technologies. Also, if a user is on a website that causes plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, Apple’s Quicktime, or Microsoft’s Silverlight, their browsing will not be interrupted by a browser crash. Instead, users can simply refresh the page or the plugin, all without having to completely close their browser.

For more for information about Mozilla FireFox 4, the lastest version of the popular browser by Mozilla, you should check out this post on the official Mozilla Blog. If you would like to download or upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla FireFox, you can do so from the official Mozilla website.

Have you used Mozilla FireFox 4? If so, what are your opinions? Please feel free to post your comments below!


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