Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

A while back, I posted a blog post about a fun puzzle game called Cut the Rope by Chillingo, Inc. where the goal of the game is to get a piece of candy that is suspended by one or more ropes to a little green monster, so that he can eat it.

Recently, a holiday version of the game was released, with the same purpose, but with some festive new updates.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is very similar to the original version of the game, as you still have to get a piece of candy to a hungry green monster, who loves to eat candy. While doing so, users are supposed to try to collect as many of the three stars that are in a level as they can, in order to earn more points. There are also certain obstacles, such as spikes and spiders, that users should try to avoid, as they can make the candy break or by eaten.

In order to collect the stars, you can choose to utilize a variety of different items and such, which are available in the game, such as cutting certain ropes, using bubbles to make the candy float upwards, blowing the candy in a certain direction, as well as others.

However, some additions in the holiday version of the game include festive backgrounds, like a Christmas tree and accessories, like reindeer antlers that the little green creature wears.

For gameplay, there are new stockings, which, when a piece of candy enters one, will shoot out of another stocking of the same color, at the same speed that it went in. These stockings can be good for “teleporting” the candy from one spot to another, allowing users to collect stars or get the candy to the candy loving creature.

If you would like to try playing Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, you can download the game for free from the iTunes App Store.


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