FaceBook Messages

Earlier today, FaceBook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that FaceBook will be launching a new version of their messaging system, intended to unify the different ways that users communicate with people.

FaceBook’s new messaging system, which was code-named Project Titan, is intended to unify the different ways that people communicate with each other, including IM, messages, as well as e-mail. All of these different forms of communication will be sharing the same inbox, and users will also be able to keep track of their conversation history with other users.

Also, FaceBook users will be able to create their own “@FaceBook.com” e-mail address, with IMAP support coming in the future. However, users are not required to have a FaceBook e-mail address and have the option to use any e-mail address.

In addition to updating the messaging system on the FaceBook website, FaceBook also plans to work on their mobile applications, with an updated iPhone application coming in the near future.

The new FaceBook Messages system will be gradually rolling out over the next few months. However, users can learn more about it, as well as request an invite by going to the FaceBook Messages About page.

Also, if you would like more information about FaceBook’s new messaging system, you should check out this post and this post from TechCrunch.com, which I used as a source for this post, as well as this article from MercuryNews.com and the FaceBook Messages post from the FaceBook blog.


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