If you’re someone who enjoys discovering new applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, but haven’t really found a good way to discover, as well as find reviews about applications, perhaps you should try using Chomp.

Chomp is an application discovery engine that enables people to discover new applications, as well as read reviews and recommendations about them, either online, using the Chomp website or by using the Chomp iPhone application.

The Chomp website looks similar to a search engine, with a search box, as well as an area that shows applications that are one sale, new applications, and enables you to view applications that have been reviewed.

When you would like to search for an application, you can simply type the name of the application or the type of application that you are looking for and then you will be presented with results pertaining to what you searched for. For example, if you are someone who likes to keep organized and keep a to-do list and would like to find a good “to-do list” application, you could search for “to do” on Chomp and would be presented with multiple applications, which are related to what you searched for.

The search results page includes screen shots of the applications that you searched for, as well as how much people like them, how many reviews they’ve had, as well as what the price of the application is.

If you would like more information about a particular application, you can click on the name or icon of the application, which will then present you with more detailed information about the application, including multiple screen shots, a description, how many reviews the application has had, how much people like the application, as well as user reviews.

The Chomp iPhone application works similar to how the Chomp website works, as there is a search box. Also, you can view applications that are on sale, recent reviews, and what’s new. If you have a Chomp account, you can also view the reviews of other Chomp users.

When you would like to search for an application, you can do so in the search box on the “Discover” page or click on the “Search”, which is located at the bottom of the application.

There is also a “My Apps” section, where you can add applications to your watch list, track application downloads, as well as view the reviews that you have written. However, this section requires that you have a Chomp account.

Also on the Chomp iPhone application is a “People” section, where you can search for users, view suggested users, view the top reviewers for that week, find your Twitter or FaceBook friends, invite friends by e-mail or FaceBook, view the users that you’re following, as well as view the users that are following you.

If you would like to learn more about Chomp or try using Chomp, you can do so from the Chomp website or by downloading the free Chomp iPhone application.


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