NinJump iPhone App

If you’re looking for a fun game to play on your iPhone or iPod Touch, perhaps you should try playing NinJump by Backflip Studios. NinJump is a game in which you have to run up one of two walls, trying to avoid obstacles, as well as getting various power-ups.

The purpose of the NinJump is to try to climb the wall to the highest distance that you can, without getting hit by or running into an obstacle. The higher your character goes, the more obstacles you will have to avoid.

When you first launch NinJump, you should see a loading screen, but after that you should see the game’s main menu. From the menu, you have the options to play the game, view and change the game’s options, as well as view more games.

NinJump’s game play is fairly simple, as the only thing you have to do is tap on the screen, enabling your character to jump to and from one of the two walls. When your character jumps, he also swings his sword, allowing him to defeat obstacles, as well as catch power-ups.

Some examples of obstacles that you may encounter while playing NinJump are other ninjas, who may throw stars, birds, as well as foxes, which you can either attack or avoid. Attacking one of the obstacles will enable you to gain a “point” towards a power-up.

Once you have attacked three of the same type of obstacles, you will receive a power-up, which enables your character to move up the course faster, as well as with the ability to hit obstacles without falling.

In addition to power-ups, there is also a shield that you can get by simply running into it. The shield protects you if you were to run into or be hit by an obstacle. However, the shield can only be used once, as it goes away after you’ve been hit.

If you do not have a shield and run into or are hit by an obstacle, your character will fall off of the wall and the game will be over.

After your character has fallen, you will see a menu, showing you how high your character was able to climb, as well as what your best score was. Also, you can choose to post your score to OpenFeint, FaceBook, Twitter, or send it in an e-mail. There are also options to play NinJump again or return to the main menu.

If you would like to try playing NinJump, you can download it for free from the iTunes App Store.


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