Software Updates

When you’re using your computer, sometimes you may notice that there is a new icon or little notifications that pop-up near the system tray, alerting you that there are updates available.

Updating your computer is important, as updates can patch various security flaws, as well as keep your computer’s operating system, as well as different programs, up to date with the newest version.

If your computer is running a version of Windows, you have probably seen Windows Updates before. You may have noticed a program come up, alerting you of new updates and asking if you would like to install them.

Windows Updates are important, as they can contain security patches, tools to remove malicious files or programs, as well as things that can help to keep your version of Windows up to date.

If you would like to check to see whether or not your computer has Windows Updates that are ready to be installed, you can do so by going to the Start Menu and then to the “All Programs” section. From there, you should click on “Windows Update”, where you should be able to see if you have any available updates for your computer and choose whether or not you’d like to install them.

Also, if there are updates available for your computer, you may notice a little icon in the System Tray, which looks like a light blue card with a Windows logo on the top and a yellow band going around it. If you click on this icon, you should be able to see which updates are available and choose if you’d like to install them or not.

Sometimes, when you shut down your computer, updates to the Windows operating system will automatically be installed. However, you shouldn’t turn off or unplug your computer while the updates are being installed.

In addition to Windows Updates, you should also check that all of your programs are up to date, as well. Some programs will alert you that there is a new update available by putting an icon in the System Tray, similar to how Windows Update does.

If you are unsure of which programs you should update, you may be able to find out by going to the program’s website or by periodically checking the System Tray to see if any icons have appeared, alerting you that there is a new update available for that program. Some examples of programs that offer updates include Mozilla FireFox and Adobe Reader.

By frequently installing new updates to both Windows and any programs that you have installed on your computer, your computer will be less susceptible to computer viruses, as well as other malicious files or programs, as well as be up to date with the latest patches and software.

If you would like to learn more about Windows Update, you can do so from this page of the Microsoft website.


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