McAfee Site Advisor

Every now and then, you may come across a website that you are unsure of how safe it is. Whether you’re doing some online shopping or filling out a form with personal information, you should know whether a website is safe to use or not and one program that may help you to do so would be McAfee Site Advisor.

McAfee Site Advisor, which is a free service provided by McAfee, enables you to look up a website and view information regarding the safety of the website. Some of the information that you can find out about a website using McAfee Site Advisor would be which country the website is in, as well as the popularity of the website.

Also, McAfee Site Advisor provides information about the number of e-mails a website sends out a week, as well as what kinds of programs can be downloaded from the website, as well as the safety of those programs, as well as which websites are being linked to from the original website and whether or not they’re safe.

In addition, McAfee Site Advisor provides a list of annoyances, such as cookies that you may get from the website, as well as user reviews that you can read. The user reviews are also summarized into categories, such as “This site is good”, “This site spams”, “Adware, spyware, or viruses”, “Excessive pop-ups”, as well as other things.

There is also a free plug-in that you can download, which helps you to see which websites are safe or which may pose a threat to your computer’s security, without having to search for a website from the McAfee Site Advisor website.

If you’d like to try using McAfee Site Advisor, you can do so by going to


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