If you use a variety of social networks to keep up with what friends are doing, such as FaceBook and Twitter, perhaps you should also try using DailyBooth.

DailyBooth is a social networking website that allows you to post pictures, which can be viewed by your followers.

When you first log into DailyBooth, you should see your dashboard, which has a feed that enables you to see pictures that the people you’re following have recently posted, as well as comments, @replys, follows, and favorites.

Also on the dashboard, you can see how many messages you have, how many people are following you, how many people you’re following, as well as how many pictures you’ve posted.

On the dashboard, there four tabs next to the “Dashboard” tab, including "Add Pictures”, “Share”, “Settings”, and “People”.

The “Add Picture” tab allows you to either snap a picture using a web cam, upload a picture from your computer, as well as enable mobile and e-mail uploading.

The “Share” tab allows you view and edit your connections to other social networking websites, such as Twitter. Also, you can get a link to your latest picture, as well as choose the size of the picture that will appear when someone clicks on the link. The “Share” tab also allows you to view recent pictures, as well as see short URLs that you can send to people, linking to those pictures.

From the “Settings” tab, you can edit your general settings, such as your e-mail address, when you receive e-mails from DailyBooth, and your username. You can also edit your personal settings, such as your name, gender, country, “About Me”, interests, and more. Also from the “Settings Tab”, you can edit your password, mobile, and privacy settings.

The last tab, “People”, allows you to view a live feed of what people are posting to DailyBooth, as well as a live map, and suggested users.

DailyBooth’s privacy settings allow you to make your account private, so that nobody can view your pictures unless you approve them as new followers. You can also hide your account from both the DailyBooth live feed and the DailyBooth live map.

If you would like to try using DailyBooth, you can sign up for free at DailyBooth.com.


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