The Sims 3

If you’re a fan of The Sims and would like to be able to play it on the go, then perhaps you should try playing The Sims 3 for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Once you’ve launched The Sims 3, you should see the EA logo and then the game’s homescreen, after the game loads. When the game loads, you will be taken to the homescreen, where you have the option to view the Goals Checklist, more games, the Music Library, options, and the help & about section.

When you select Start Game, you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to design your Sim character, where you can edit your Sim’s appearance, as well as character traits. There aren’t as many choices, as far as clothing and such go, compared to other versions of The Sims, but there are different clothing options that you can choose from.

After editing your Sim’s appearance, you will be able to choose your Sim’s Persona from options, such as “Jack of All Trades”, “Nice Guy”, “Jerk”, “Sleaze”, “Power Seeker”, and “Maniac”.

After you have chosen your Sim’s Persona, you will be able to choose five Character Traits for your Sim character from a list of traits that includes: Shy, Conversationalist, Good Sense of Humor, No Sense of Humor, Easily Impressed, Easily Bored, as well as other options.

After choosing your Character Traits, you will be able to name your Sim before starting the game.

When you start the game, you will have the option of playing the tutorial, which teaches you how to control the camera, interact and move, fulfill needs, what wishes and goals are, and more.

In the game, there are different areas that you can visit, such as your house, the town, as well as various areas within the town, such as other Sim’s houses, the lake, stores, as well as other places.

There are also some minigames that you can play, such as going fishing, which allows you to catch fish, which you can sell or eat. Fishing will also increase your fishing skill level. When you go fishing, you will have to tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to angle for the fish and jerk the phone upwards in order to reel the fish in.

The cooking mini-game allows you to cook food for your Sim character and also uses the iPhone or iPod Touch’s accelerometer. When you’re cooking, you have to choose different pots and then shake your device to cook the pots down. Playing this mini-game increases your Sim’s cooking level.

The repairing mini-game is how your Sim character fixes something that is broken, such as a computer, TV, refrigerator, or other item. When you choose to repair something, you will see a circuit board, which has broken pieces on it. In order to repair the item, you have to drag the broken pieces on the circuit board to a trash can and replace them with new ones. Playing this mini-game will increase your Sim’s repairing level.

Your Sim can also grow food in their garden, which is located next to their house to increase their gardening level. In order to grow food, you Sim will have to purchase and plant seeds and then tend to them, which will require the purchase of a watering can, as well as fertilizer. However, this feature does not use the devices accelerometer.

Your Sim can also get jobs in the game, which include working at the Town Hall, the Quickmart, the Laboratory, and the Corsican Bistro.

If you would like to try playing The Sims 3, you can download it for $6.99 from the iTunes store.


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