Apple WWDC

As you may already know, yesterday was the Apple Word Wide Developers Conference, held in San Francisco, California.

At the conference, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced the newest version of the iPhone, called iPhone 4.

Some of the new features of iPhone 4 are that you can now make video calls, as the new iPhone has both rear and front facing cameras. You can even switch between cameras during a video call at the tap of a button.

Also, iPhone 4 has a new, higher resolution display, called the Retina Display. The Retina Display has four times the pixel count than previous versions of the iPhone. According to Apple, the pixel density is so high, that the human eye can not distinguish between individual pixels.

Another new feature of iPhone 4 is the ability to multitask, or run multiple applications at the same time. Users can switch between applications instantly and not have to worry about slowing down the performance of the foreground application or draining their phone’s battery life unnecessarily.

The iPhone 4 also has the ability to record and edit videos in HD, as well as edit them on their phone by dragging to choose both start and end points. Also, you can use the iMovie application to edit your videos, which can be downloaded from the App Store $4.99.

The iPhone 4 also has a 5 MegaPixel camera with a built in LED flash on the back. You can also take self portraits with the new front facing camera.

Also announced at the Apple WWDC is the new iPhone operating system, called iOS 4.

Some new features included in iOS 4 include the ability to organize applications in folders. You can create up to 180 folders, which can each hold up to 12 applications. Folders can also be named based on what kind of applications are in them, or customize the name to whatever you want.

Another new feature in iOS 4 is the ability to download the free iBooks application, which is an e-book reader that allows you to purchase and read books right on your iPhone.

If you would like more information about iPhone 4, as well as iOS 4, you should visit the Apple website.


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